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Drinkable Nutrition
For The Whole Family.

Our Drinkable Supplements are the newest addition to the Texas SuperFood Family of Products. We formulated these products with your entire family in mind and believe we created the best drinkable supplements on the market.

Why Drinkable Supplements?

96% better absorption that is why. Liquid supplements are absorbed by the body 5 times better than pills/capsules.†

Drinkable Supplements provide tremendous health benefits not only because they are Fast-Acting but also because they dramatically improve absorption rates and are easy to use.

Drinkable Supplements have many benefits over pills/capsules. When combined with a smoothie, you are adding the necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals for On-The-Go Power.

96% Absorption
18% Absorption

Easy To Absorb

It is simple, liquid is easier to break down than a solid. Our Drinkable Supplements absorb in the body faster and a higher rate than capsules or pills.

Easy to Take On-The-Go

We understand that mornings are quick and hard. Taking your vitamins should be easy. When you are in a rush take our drinkable supplements with you whenever, wherever.

Easy on Your Body

Pills contain binding agents that are used to hold them together.Our Drinkable Supplements are free of chemical binding agents, making them easy on your body.

Easy to Swallow

Unlike standard tablets and pills our Drinkable Supplemetns are easy to swallow. They are designed to be easy on your throat and gentle to swallow.

Suggested Use

Combined with Fruits and Vegetables healthy vitamins are delicious. Apples, bananas, broccoli and carrots all contain natural vitamins. Our vitamins naturally go great with any beverage of your choice. WE RECOMMEND mixing our liquid vitamins with juices or smoothies to create the ultimate morning start.

As a dietary supplement, take 2 Tablespoons once a day with Juice or Smoothie.

Quality You Can Trust

Our quality has always been our #1 priority. We strive to create quality products that you can trust at Texas SuperFood. All of our products are produced in GMP Certified facilities and made in the USA. So when we say we're dedicated to creating quality nutritional supplemetns and drinkable supplements, it's because we're dedicated to you.
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