Texas SuperFood Powder Auto Ship

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Bottle Size: 180 Grams

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For Texas SuperFood, we only pick vine-ripened fruits and vegetables that have reached the maximum level of nutrition. We harvest our produce right when it?۪s most bursting with life-giving energy and nutrients. That level of abundant nutrition goes straight into Texas SuperFood and then directly into your body!

Vitamins and Minerals

Too busy to eat your fruits and vegetables? Keep in mind that your body needs all the vitamins and minerals that vine-ripened fruits and vegetables provide on a daily basis. That?۪s why Texas SuperFood is so great???you can get that extra boost of nutrition fast, fueling your body and mind for the entire day!

Many nutritional supplement manufactures heat or cook their product. Not us! Most grocery stores put produce out on their shelves that hasn?۪t even come close to reaching maximum ripeness. Not us! We only use produce that has reached vine-ripeness so that Texas SuperFood delivers the maximum amount of nutrition for a very affordable price. For less than the cost of 2 pieces of organic fruit, you?۪ll get all of the vitamins and minerals from 55 different vine-ripened fruits and vegetables.

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